This program will include activities that explore individual values clarification, personal strengths identification, interpersonal connections, and personal goal-setting.
Some scientists and anthropologists have theorized that it is humans’ ability to create fiction that has allowed us to attain the level of dominance we have in nature. We are creatures of story and we can believe things that are not real (think national boundaries, money, etc.). If you bring this idea to a personal level, we tell ourselves stories about ourselves constantly. “I need more money.” “This is the best relationship I can expect for myself.” “No one really likes me.” “I’m better at this than everyone else at work, so I should have gotten that promotion.” Some of these stories are neutral and some are positive, but all too often they are negative stories. If we tell sad stories about our past, we create depression. If we tell scary stories about our future, we create anxiety. Pathfinders is a template for looking at our stories about ourselves, then improving our skill at creating more positive stories about ourselves (based on data and facts, not emotions), to gain personal and/or professional growth.
Teamwork Dynamics
Many young professional men battle with the social expectations of masculinity, leading to difficulty forming meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. While self-reliance is certainly a virtue to be admired, by nature, we are herd animals who need connection to others to survive. #tribetothrive Not feeling included in projects, or having the feeling of “not being in control” can definitely cloud the path you are on. At the Pathfinders Retreat, we will explore various methods to increase our feelings of connection, while also providing clarity to you and your goals.
Interpersonal Connections
There are plenty of young professional men who have focused solely on their education and career. This may have led to a lack of developing true and meaningful interpersonal connections. By utilizing the resources learned during the Pathfinders Retreat, as well as specific techniques provided by Michael DeVoll, you can start on a path to developing more and stronger growth-fostering relationships.
Personal Goal Setting
Personal goal setting is an important issue for many young professionals. Many previous goals have always been set and met, starting with receiving a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, then getting the “ideal” job. But what is next? By clarifying your personal strengths and values, you will be better able to develop your own personal goals. Then you can step out from the fog of uncertainty and into the path that you define for yourself.
Next Retreat
March 19-21, 2021
This retreat will be a small-group (only 6 participants), socially-distanced weekend retreat for young men, ages 25-35 who are seeking to clarify their personal and professional goals.