Together with the counseling provided by Michael DeVoll, we can help find the right path for you. With other young working professional men like yourself, we can share experiences that can help build each other to where you want to be.
These days, many young working professional men feel as if they don’t know where they are headed in their lives. They have a sense that they should be on a specific path. However, they don’t know where that path might lead them, and they feel as if they are on the path all by themselves. Let Michael DeVoll and the Pathfinders Retreat help you.
The Pathfinders Retreat is specifically designed for young working professional men who want some instruction and guidance as they discover where their path forward in life might take them. This program will include activities that explore individual values clarification, teamwork dynamics, interpersonal connection, and personal goal setting. All of this will be done through activities such as…
Challenging Ropes Course
Interactive Group Experiences
Personal Reflection
Group Discussion
Camp Allen

The retreat will be held at Camp Allen, about an hour northwest of Houston, on the edge of the Sam Houston National Forest, with rolling hills and two lakes.

The Pathfinders Retreat will be taking place at Camp Allen, nestled between rolling hills with two lakes on the property. There is a certain natural comfort while being in nature. The waters in the lakes can not only cool you, but also naturally calm and soothe your mind. The fresh air can reinvigorate your soul, the natural sounds clear your thoughts. Many young professionals are stuck in a rut, wheels spinning in place as they try to move forward. Sometimes a change in scenery is all you need. Sometimes a deeper connection with nature with guidance can help. Michael DeVoll will facilitate all the activities as you work with like-minded individuals to discover your path.

What is Included
A variety of topics, including developing meaningful interpersonal connections and personal goal-setting, will be discussed during the Pathfinders Retreat. All of these topics will be addressed during the retreat in conjunction with a variety of activities including a challenge ropes course, kayaking, horseback riding, personal reflection, and group discussion.

Included in the cost of the retreat is:

  • Transportation to Camp Allen from the offices of Michael DeVoll Counseling Services
  • Dinner on Friday and Saturday, with breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Room and Board
  • All retreat activities
  • 1 Hour consultation with Michael DeVoll